Things to Know About Classic Car Restoration Services

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When it comes to classic car restoration services, there are some things you should know before going into the project so you aren’t surprised by what ends up happening. Here are a few things you should know about classic car restoration services:

  • Speed or quality- You can choose getting it done fast or getting it done right. It is impossible to accomplish quality classic car restoration without taking your time with the details. Ideally, you want a restoration company that is passionate about breathing new life into a classic car so they’ll put their best efforts into the project.

Things to Know About Classic Car Restoration Services

  • True to original or upgraded- You will have the choice to return your classic car to how it was when it rolled off the assembly line or incorporate one or more upgrades for comfort, drivability, or added enjoyment. You decide if you’d like an upgrade to the steering, engine, transmission, suspension, or brakes, for example.
  • Paint color- You’ll need to guide your chosen classic car restoration professional as to whether you’d like the original color or something else that fits your personality or preference.
  • Get the details- Take the time to discuss everything about your classic car restoration and obtain a detailed estimate that outlines what you want to be done.

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