Can a Paint Touchup Fix Scratches?

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Whether it’s a minor scuff or a deeper gouge, scratches in your car’s paint lower its resale value. But can a paint touchup effectively fix these blemishes?

Can a Paint Touchup Fix Scratches?

Understanding the Scratch

Before fixing the problem, you must understand the type of scratch you’re dealing with. Modern vehicles have a three-layered paint finish. There’s a primer that is applied to bare metal panels. It prepares the surface for subsequent layers. Next is the base coat that contains special flakes or pearlescence in premium models. Finally, the clear coat protects against UV rays and oxidation.

The depth and nature of the scratch determine the repair approach.

Types of Scratches

Marks and clear-coat scratches only affect the surface and clear coat level. They’re the simplest to fix. Marks are usually paint or rubber streaks that can be removed with lacquer thinner or acetone. Clear-coat scratches can be buffed out using a polishing compound. Paint scratches, however, extend into the enamel color layer. Repairing them might require sanding and reapplying a clear coat. Deep scratches penetrate down to the primer or even the bare metal. Such scratches usually require professional paint touchup.

While a paint touchup can fix various scratches, success largely depends on the depth and nature of the scratch. At Crash Management Auto Body, our auto body technicians are skilled in addressing all types of scratches. Our team can ensure your car looks as pristine as ever. Contact us today to get your vehicle looking its best.