The Variables Involved with a Collision Repair Estimate

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When your vehicle has been damaged in a collision, the first thing you want to know is whether it can be repaired or if it is deemed a total loss. If it can be repaired, you’ll want an accurate collision repair estimate so that the insurance claim is handled properly. The thing to know is that there are many variables involved with coming up with an estimate. It is actually best if the shop takes their time to ensure hidden damage is discovered before providing you with a collision repair estimate that might not include a critical element. Here are some of the variables involved:

  • Hidden damages- As already mentioned, some damage to internal components isn’t immediately noticeable. It takes attention to detail, performing diagnostics, and other tasks to learn if there are any hidden problems that must be addressed.

The Variables Involved with a Collision Repair Estimate

  • Part costs- Depending on your insurance company, your preferences, and availability, the parts could be new or refurbished original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, or even aftermarket products. Generally speaking, OEM parts will cost more and may be difficult to locate in some situations.
  • Labor costs- Your collision repair estimate will either provide an hourly or flat rate for the repairs, including the mechanical repairs, as well as auto body repairs needed to restore your vehicle.
  • Incidental expenses- There can be incidental costs, such as tire disposal or battery disposal fees, and other costs levied by government entities that the repair shop will need to collect.

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