Caring for Custom Paint Jobs in 5 Easy Steps

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When you go through the time, effort and expense of a custom paint job for your vehicle, you want results that will last! Custom paint jobs are a great way to get the visual interest and value that you want out of a vehicle, and our team here at Crash Management Auto Body is ready to assist you with these and other auto body work services you might be interested in.

Caring for Custom Paint Jobs in 5 Easy Steps

With a custom paint job, you want to protect the investment, and our team has a few easy steps to ensure that you can make the most of your paint job:

  1. Avoid the car wash. An automatic car wash is made for average vehicles! With a custom paint job, your vehicle is no longer average. Stick to handwashing your vehicle or choose professional detailers for your vehicle.
  2. Choose specialty products. Dish soap is great for dishes, but not so much for vehicles. The same goes for kitchen towels and laundry detergents. Choose towels, rags, sponges and products that are specifically made for vehicles.
  3. Look for damaging materials. Even if your products are made for vehicles, that doesn’t mean that all car products are safe to use on your paint job. Be wary and read the labels carefully. You can always ask us if you have a question.
  4. Don’t over-polish. Even if you love your vehicle, don’t over-polish it, as this can actually start to break down some of the protective layers shielding your paint job.
  5. Work with professionals. If you ever have questions about your auto body shop, then let our team know! Working with professionals, you can always ask about treatments, products and ideas for your vehicle.

For more information about caring for custom paint jobs, please give us a call today!